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When you have fibromyalgia, taking care of your mental and emotional health is just as important as taking care of your physical health. Coping with chronic pain and fibromyalgia is already a long difficult road and our minds can often be our worst enemy. Below you will find an archive of posts related to emotional health including stress, anxiety, and depression.

  • 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Depression

    Guest Post by Beth Martel The word depression is subject to a lot of confusion whenever it is used within a public setting. It can easily be correlated with feeling blue, disgruntled, sad or demoralized, however, that is not the only connotation to it. When used within any medical institution or by a healthcare provider… Read More

  • Change The Way You Think, Change Your Life Change The Way You Think, Change Your Life

    When I am asked what I do to manage the symptoms of fibromyalgia I usually list several things like; I changed my diet, I exercise, trigger point massage, the supplements I take, etc. But I have come to realize these are only the physical things I do. There is something much more important that has… Read More

  • Saying Merry Christmas Banned For Being Overly Religious & Offensive Saying Merry Christmas Banned For Being Offensive

    I always wish people “Happy Holidays”. I used those words to cover both Christmas and New Year’s Day. But no more. From now on I will make a point of saying “Merry Christmas”. I don’t like being told what to do, how to act, or what to say, especially when it is bull****. When I… Read More

  • Judging Others - We All Do It Judging Others – We All Do It

    Judging others is something we all do. We tell ourselves we don’t, but we do. It is a natural instinct. Judging itself isn’t bad. We need to make judgments in many important decisions throughout our lives. We need to make judgments about ideas, situations and people to keep our families and us safe. We make… Read More

  • Chronic Illness in Pets Chronic Illness In Pets

    I used to work in a veterinary clinic. I remember being astonished at the number of pets with chronic illnesses. I did not realize that dogs, in particular, get many of the same illnesses as people such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease and thyroid disease, just to name a few. Many believe that… Read More

  • More Than I Can Handle More Than I Can Handle

    I have always believed the phrase; God won’t give you more than you can handle. But right now I am a mess and it is because of UNCONTROLLABLE STRESS. I can drink chamomile tea, stretch and massage my muscles and distract myself all day long, but the stress is still there. It’s more than I… Read More

  • Anxiety and Depression - When One Leads To Another Anxiety & Depression – When One Thing Leads To Another

    Anxiety and depression are two separate conditions. Each has their own causes and its own symptoms. Anxiety can make people feel agitated and overwhelmed. Depression can make them feel hopeless and discouraged. Often people who are having a difficult time with anxiety begin to feel depressed as a result of the way anxiety is affecting… Read More

  • Anxiety Disorders and Fibromyalgia Anxiety Disorders & Fibromyalgia

    Anxiety and fibromyalgia seem to go hand in hand. Feelings of fear or anxiety are the normal reaction to stressful situations. Dealing with chronic pain is definitely a stressful situation. Research suggests that people with fibromyalgia and anxiety disorders are both hypersensitive to stimuli that wouldn’t normally affect other people. The connection between anxiety and… Read More

  • Toxic Relationships: 5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People Toxic Relationships: 5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People

    We have all had toxic relationships. They may have been with family, friends, partners, coworkers or a boss. Toxic relationships are dominated by hurtful and belittling comments, constant sarcasm and passive-aggressive behaviors. These unhealthy relationships drain your energy, bring unnecessary conflict and drama to your life, trigger feelings of low self-esteem and cause significant long-term… Read More

  • Family Dysfunction & Chronic Illness Family Dysfunction & Chronic Illness

    Many people with an “invisible illness” don’t feel support from their own family. That can be especially true for those of us with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. How a family responds to chronic illness in large part is based on the strength and coping mechanisms of the family to begin with. The truth is… Read More