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Axon Optics Therapeutic Glasses Provide Natural Migraine Relief

Axon Optics Therapeutic Glasses Provide Natural Migraine Relief

I live with daily tension-type headaches and frequent migraines. Both can cause photophobia (sensitivity to light), during and between attacks. This is true for cluster headaches as well. So, if you suffer from frequent headaches (no matter what kind), read my review to see how Axon Optics therapeutic glasses help provide natural relief for headaches and light sensitivity..

Disclosure: “I have been given a pair of Axon Optics Therapeutic Glasses as part of a product review through the Chronic Illness Bloggers network. Although the product was a gift, all opinions in this review remain my own and I was in no way influenced by the company.“

Wearing glasses with a rose-colored tint, called FL-41, has been proven to decrease light sensitivity and reduce both the frequency and severity of a migraine. However, not all FL-41 lens are created equal.

Axon Optics Therapeutic Glasses

The proprietary FL-41 lens in Axon Optics therapeutic glasses is specifically engineered to provide natural migraine relief to those who suffer from migraines and other light-sensitive illnesses.

Understanding Fibromyalgia

Axon Optics Migraine Glasses

Axon Optics is the original online retailer of therapeutic FL-41 tinted lenses. One of the founders of Axon Optics is neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Bradley Katz. Some of the leading research on light sensitivity and FL-41 is being led by Dr. Katz out of the Moran Eye Institute at the University of Utah.

Axon Optics created SpectraShield™ FL-41 therapeutic lenses which have been fine-tuned with over 20 years of use at the Moran Eye Institute. SpectraShield™ FL-41 lenses successfully block the portion of the light spectrum which bothers light-sensitive people and causes cumulative eye damage over a lifetime.

Axon Optics therapeutic lenses are coated with advanced protective coatings that prevent scratching, smudging, and debris. Their glasses are available for indoor use, outdoor use, and transitions lenses, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. They also make migraine contact lenses which last for one year.

Axon Optics’ proprietary FL-41 lenses help over 90% of their customers achieve some level of relief. Most migraine sufferers who have worn Axon Optic therapeutic glasses to treat their light sensitivity have found them to be highly effective. Myself included.

My Thoughts

Flickering or pulsing lights, repetitive patterns, glare, bright lights, and computer screens can all trigger a painful migraine or a tension headache for me. It seems the older I get, the more light bothers me.

I have been wearing a different brand of indoor migraine glasses for several months now, so I swapped them out for Axon Optics indoor therapeutic glasses. I chose the COVER-RX Lite which fit over my prescription glasses.

Wearing Axon Optics Indoor Therapeutic Glasses The first thing I noticed is the color of the lens is much lighter. The other brand of glasses make everything look orangish. There is a slight rose tint when wearing the glasses from Axon Optics. So things look more natural.

At first, the Axon Optics therapeutic glasses pushed down on my prescription glasses. I couldn’t wear them very long without one side of my nose and the back of one ear feeling sore. But after working with them I was able to bend the earpiece back a little. Now they are very comfortable and I forget that I have them on.

Even though the frames are large to fit over my prescription glasses, they don’t look too ridiculous. I might actually wear these at the grocery store without feeling self-conscious.

The most important thing, do the migraine glasses from Axon Optics really help my light sensitivity and light-triggered headaches? Absolutely!

It is a beautiful day and I have my blinds pulled up and the curtains open. Normally I would have to keep the blinds down and adjust them so there isn’t any glare from the window.

By wearing Axon Optics therapeutic glasses, there can be light!

I highly recommend Axon Optics

If you are prone to frequent headaches, you are prone to the rebound phenomenon. The rebound phenomenon is when the medicine you take to help your headaches actually start causing headaches.

Axon Optic therapeutic glasses provide a natural solution for headaches, migraine, and light sensitivity. They have a wide selection of frames and each set of glasses come with a hardshell case and cleaning cloth. Please visit their website for information.

I plan on ordering the prescription transition lenses in the near future. Have you tried therapeutic glasses for your migraines or light sensitivity?

Axon Optics Therapeutic Glasses Provide Natural Migraine Relief

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