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Welcome to Fibrodaze

I’m Sue and I have fibromyalgia. I started this blog January 2014 in a quest to understand the complexities of this illness, document new discoveries, and find alternative ways to manage the wide array of symptoms.

Fibromyalgia affects every system in the body. It is typical for the fibromyalgia patient to experience many different symptoms including:

  • deep muscle aches
  • nerve pain
  • migraine and/or chronic daily headaches
  • fatigue
  • trouble sleeping
  • anxiety/depression
  • digestive problems
  • skin problems
  • and many many others

If you have a product of service that would help fibromyalgia patients with any of the above symptoms, I would love to share them with my blog readers and social media followers.

Sue Vickers - Fibrodaze
Sue Vickers
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Fibrodaze is open to working with brands in a variety of ways.

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All advertisements are exclusive in that I will not rotate your ads with others. Your ad will receive 100% impressions for its placement.

I have ad space available in the sidebar, above the content, within the content and below the content. Prices depend on placement and size of the ad. With a 6 month commitment, I will write a post introducing your product or service to my readers, followers, and email subscribers. Email [email protected] or use my contact form for details and pricing.

In addition to on-page advertisements, I am also available for product reviews, sponsored posts and giveaways.

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